translation studies conference · bošaziçi university · department of translation and interpreting studies
istanbul · april 5-8, 2007

translation and translation — des faux amis
tracing translation(s) across disciplines



  second circular


The starting point for the conceptualization of this conference was the circumstance that 'translation' is a key concept in many disciplines. Concepts/metaphors of translation can be encountered in the natural sciences (from molecular biology to computer sciences) just as in the social sciences and the humanities. A second and sharper look on the seemingly common concept/metaphor reveals the strong mutational character and the blurred boundaries of 'translation'. The question to follow out of this observation was where the points of contact, spaces of exchange or conflict are.

Now we are happy to announce the keynote speakers and the contributors to the conference. The final program will be announced by April, 1st, 2007. The papers by participants from allover the world will bring together perspectives from different disciplines and provide a forum to discuss possible consequences of taking a closer look at occurrences of translation in terms of interdisciplinary exchange and the development of new ways of relating to and working with other fields.


speakers and abstracts

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